• Secure

    One Oust-a-Mouse bait station covers 1,000 sq. ft. of building. Position the Oust-A-Mouse outside, close to the building, and secure it down using the included screws.

  • Load

    Purchase an approved mouse poison and use it per the poison label's instructions when handling and disposing. Load the station with bait up to 24 blocks at a time.

  • Lock

    Lock the bait station using the included key. Document the type of poison on the back of the bait station.

  • Monitor

    Clean and inspect the bait house regularly and replace it if damaged. Replace bait when it has been consumed or every six months.


The Oust-A-Mouse® bait house must be screwed down to resist tipping or complete removal by larger animals. Securing the unit to a piece of wood weighted down with bricks or rocks will work if a permanent structure is unavailable. 

Mounting your bait house under your deck, trailer, cottage, or overhang will keep it out of the snow and available to mice all year.

When loading the bait house, only load the side without the holes. The mice need to travel in and out of the back where the holes are located.


What Bait To Use & Where to Buy It

You will need to purchase block bait from a hardware store. Customers are to use this block bait in their Oust-A-Mouse® and discard the low-grade plastic bait house that came with the bait they just purchased.

Note: P.M.R.A (Pest Management Regulatory Agency Government of Ontario) requires that all bait manufacturers supply a plastic bait station with the sale of bait. This small black bait station can be disposed of when using our Oust-A-Mouse® bait houses.

  • Tom Cat

  • Rodentex

  • Ratoxin

  • d-Con (only in USA )

Frequently Asked Questions

Oust-A-Mouse® Installation Questions

Why do you secure the unit down and lock it?

The bait house is secured to prevent tipping the unit and theft by other animals and is locked to keep animals and children out.

How do I know it's working?

You will see droppings ( black, seed-like debris) in the unit, and the bait will get consumed.

The mice are inside my cottage! Shouldn't I put the Oust-A-Mouse® inside?

No. Anything you put inside will attract more mice. Mice travel by a urine scent left behind by the rest of the colony. Clean indoor areas where you see droppings and where permissible, with ¼ cup of bleach to a bucket of Hot water ( approx. 4 litres), will aid in eliminating this trail.

My neighbour told me to place a dish of water or anti-freeze beside the unit because it helps to kill the mice. Is this true?

No! The placement of water or especially anti-freeze is not required! The bait house provides safe housing for poison bait. Let the unit and the bait do the work; the mice will run off and find water independently. Placing any anti-freeze anywhere outdoors is a dangerous practice.

Oust-A-Mouse® Care Questions

How often do I need to refill it?

That will depend on the size of the colony. A large colony will consume more bait than a smaller colony. Mice colonize between 20 and 300 mice per colony.

How do I know it's working?

You will see droppings ( black, seed-like debris) in the unit, and the bait will get consumed.

How do I clean the Oust-A-Mouse®?

Cleaning any areas inside the building where droppings have been sighted (and where possible) with 1/4 cup bleach to a bucket of hot water will aid in the elimination of the urine trail the mice are following. Therefore, it is essential to remove any baits and traps from the inside of the building once the unit is installed outside.

Oust-A-Mouse® Animal Care Questions

Is the hole big enough for a chipmunk?

No. A chipmunk has a larger bone structure than a mouse, and the hole is only large enough for a mouse.

What happens if another animal eats a poisoned mouse?

Nothing. A poisoned mouse does not have enough active ingredients to harm another creature.